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Astana is preparing to work in Prague, also in preparation for Zizkov

Astany players arrived in Prague in the middle of last week, and they are preparing for the last crucial European League match against Slavia on Thursday. The Kazakh master took part in a single contest in the last month, so the training camp in Bohemia made a Energybet preparatory match with Victor Zizkov on Saturday.

Astana defeated Thirteen Team Second Highest 3: 1 under the Television Tower. In the sixth minute, Juri Percuch, a newcomer in the jersey, opened the game, after an hour the home side scored Miroslav Podrazky and the favorite managed to score two Energybet goals in the last 18 minutes. In 72 minutes Marin Tomasov penalized and Djordje Despotovič claimed ten minutes later.

Astany coach Stanimir Stojlov gave a chance to all 19 players in the field who came to Prague during the match. Next to them came three goalkeepers. Astana, on November 5, won the fourth consecutive league title in the last round of the Kazakh league and has since played only one competitive match. On Thursday 23 November, she lost home in the Energybet bonus penultimate round of the European League with Villarreal 2: 3 and dropped third in the table for a second behind Slavia. He needs to win in Eden on Thursday in order to progress to eliminating fighting.

“The team at this moment is not in the optimal state, which was to be seen in the match with Villarreal It was very important for us to play the match with Žižkov to return to the match Race to Prague to be successful, it is essential to improve, “said Astany Stojlov’s website after the match in Žižkov where the Kazakh champion is preparing.

In addition, the former coach Miroslav Beránek, now the head coach of the ensemble, was partly helped by the training camp. “They practice this because the domestic Energybet competition is not playing anymore and there are big frosts, and last time they did it in Cyprus, called by my former assistant and asked me if I could help them arrange a playground here in the country where they can train,” he said before the first match in Kazakhstan Beránek.